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Private Sector Projects

Project Name Project Description Contract Number
  • Peñuelas Technology Park, LLC. Industrial Landfill Final Cover Construction
Contracted by CH2MHILL for installation of a clay cap and HPDE Liner on a 12.25 acre landfill as a final RECRA closure. Task includes closure of sedimentation pond, installation of drainage pipe and establishment of grass.
  • Closure of manufacturing facility at Former Ford Motor Co.
Project involved the clean-up, removal and disposal of furnaces, underground and above ground storage tanks, process pits and trenches, manufacturing machinery, distribution piping and a medium size waste water treatment plant.
  • Closure of Hazardous Waste Incinerator at Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Dismantling, decontamination and disposal of a hazardous waste incinerator. Demolition of the two story concrete and metal building housing, incinerator and associated piping and tanks.
  • ACM Abatement Dupont Agricultural Industries, Inc.
Abatement of ACM roofing, transite panels, floor tiles and pipe insulation.
  • Storm Sewer Upgrade "MSDQ" Barceloneta
Construction of storm water system at the "MSDQ" Barceloneta facilities.
  • Naval Activity Puerto Rico, Airport Removal Action
Contracted by United States Navy for removal actions at SWMU 1,2,14,56,68 & 69 at the former United States Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Work performed under consent order with USEPA. N69450-08-C-0093
  • Puerto Rico Air National Guard, POL Removal Action
Contracted by CH2MHILL, INC. for the remedial and removal actions at the fuel facilities for the Puerto Rico Air National Guard in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Task included removal and disposal of contaminated water, soil, installation of new fences, construction of 40,000 ft parking lot and secondary containment for fuel tanks.